Naruto's "Ultimate" mode, the power has exceeded the six model


Naruto's New Nine-Tails Mode and Impending Death: In Boruto Chapter 51, Naruto faces Isshiki Ōtsutsuki and is clearly outmatched.

In a previous battle, Naruto was defeated by Isshiki and would have remained trapped if not for Boruto and Kawaki. This time, Naruto is determined to give his all, even if it means sacrificing his life.

The Nine-Tails suggests trying the new Nine-Tails mode, which could lead to Naruto's death. Fans are intrigued by this new mode, especially as it is said to surpass the Six Paths Mode. It is revealed that the new mode is related to the Sage of the Nine-Tails Mode, as Naruto's appearance changes.

The big question is what makes this new mode different and dangerous. Using all of nature's chakra poses a huge risk, as Naruto is not physically merged with Kurama this time. This explains why Nine-Tails warns of the possibility of death.