Naruto: Five people who cannot be reincarnated


Naruto is a long comic that has been with us for many years and has brought us a lot of joy and emotion. There are many ninjutsus in it that are very interesting. Today I will talk about the ninjutsu Kabuto Yakushi used in Ninja World War: Ninja Reincarnation. His earth reincarnation failed to resurrect the five legendary ninjas. Once these were resurrected, Naruto and the other protagonists would have no chance of winning, and even Uchiha Madara would not dare to act recklessly.

sarutobi sasuke


Sarutobi Sasuke is the father of the third generation Hokage Sarutobi Hiruzen, the legendary jounin of Konoha Village. He has the ability to perfectly master the changes in the five types of chakra properties. The three generations of five attribute abilities were inherited from him. Sarutobi Sasuke's reputation was admired even by the proud Uchiha clan, so much so that Uchiha Fugaku's second son was named Sasuke, hoping that his son would be as great as Sarutobi Sasuke!

Uchiha Fugaku

He died in the Uchiha genocide incident, and his strength is unknown, but Uchiha Fugaku is also a person who can open the Mangekyō Sharingan.


After Uchiha was destroyed, the corpse was probably secretly disposed of by Konoha's top brass, and now it is very likely that it is in Uchiha Obito's base. However, it can be speculated that Fugaku, who can activate Susanoo, must be far more powerful than Kage level.

Uchiha Shisui

Possessing the title of Shunshen Shisui and the strongest genjutsu Betsugami, Uchiha Shisui was once the target ninja Yakushi Kabuto coveted. When he showed Obito the reincarnation of the earth, he once said that it was very possible in Obito's base.


He had Shisui's cells, but Obito refused to give them to him. If they cooperate in depth on that day, the audience will have the opportunity to witness Shunshen Shisui's style with their own eyes!


He died in the battle with Pain's Six Paths and his body sank into the sea, but Jiraiya's cell tissue remained on Pain's Six Paths that day. Similarly, Kabuto Yakushi once politely asked Obito for Jiraiya's genes, but Obito still refused. If Obito had given him Jiraiya cells at that time, Naruto would probably not have been able to win the Ninja World War!


Matt Day

The first person to master the Eight Gate Dunjia, Metkai's father. Everyone knows that Metkai once seriously injured Madara Uchiha with one kick. If Matt Dai had also participated in the battle at that time, with the reincarnation of the dirt, he could use the eight-door armor unlimitedly. How could Madara Uchiha be there? A way to survive!