Naruto: The moment Zhi Nai took off his jacket, the beautiful nurse was stunned


1.Shino's bugs and mysterious appearance make him a memorable character in Naruto.

2. Shino's usual attire: Shino usually dresses in a way that gives off a cool and distant impression. During a medical examination, Naruto, Sai, and Yamato remove excess clothing to get accurate weight measurements.

3. Shino's surprising change: Unlike the others, Shino keeps his coat on, surprising Naruto. Yamato finds this normal, but when Shino removes his coat, Naruto is shocked and Yamato becomes shy, causing reactions from everyone.

4. Shino's hidden secret: Only Sai remains clueless, while the beautiful nurse is stunned. It is hinted that Shino might have something extraordinary hidden under his coat, possibly terrifying bugs. Sai's comical expression adds to the humor of the situation.