Naruto was disgusted by the villagers when he was a child. Why didn't Uncle Yile do this?


Naruto's Unfortunate Childhood: Naruto faced mistreatment from villagers due to the fox spirit inside him, leading to loneliness and tears.

Ichiraku's Act of Kindness: Despite being poor, Naruto received a free bowl of ramen from Ichiraku, which deeply touched him and made him a regular customer. Ichiraku's Knowledge of Naruto's Identity: It's possible that Ichiraku knew Naruto's true identity as the Fourth Hokage's son.

This likely influenced his treatment of Naruto as family and his witness to Naruto's growth. Ichiraku's Inherent Kindness: If Ichiraku didn't know Naruto's identity, his exceptional kindness can be attributed to his nature.


He instinctively helped a needy child like Naruto with a satisfying meal.

Ichiraku's Support during the Chunin Exams: As Naruto faced challenges in the Chunin Exams, Ichiraku showed concern and provided him with free ramen as a symbol of support during a crucial battle, contributing to Naruto's victory.