Naruto: Seven classic memes


There are many funny memes in anime that have been ruined by netizens. Even Naruto cannot escape the hands of netizens. People finally started to attack Naruto. Let's take a look at some classic memes in Naruto.

What is gay? Na Luduo

This may be the most lines spoken by the two protagonists in Naruto, and it is also the Chinese homophony of the two protagonists' names. The two of them will call each other's names before they start fighting.

mouth escape


Mouth Release, also known as "mouth release" or "lip release", the ultimate ninjutsu mouth release/lip release, is a ninjutsu developed by Naruto Uzumaki, the nine-tailed jinchuriki of Konoha Ninja Village. The effect of mouth release depends on the performer It depends on the determination. So far, only Naruto can perform the most effective mouth escape. Of course, this is not meant to be derogatory, it is just a ridicule from netizens.

Pretend to be evasive

The most powerful escape technique used by Uchiha Sasuke is also the only ninjutsu that can resist the mouth escape.


It is so powerful that it is earth-shattering. It is also very harmful to pretend to be escape. Although it can resist the brainwashing of the mouth escape, it is still a pretense. The price is also very high.

Eight hundred miles away threw a shuriken to the first generation

Kakuzu once said: "I have fought against the first generation", but with Kakuzu's strength, if he meets the first generation head-on, he will definitely die without a few moves.


However, he keeps clamoring about this matter, and his character is also extremely arrogant. So netizens Let's just say he: Eight hundred miles away threw a shuriken at the first generation.

The four heroes of Uchiha laughing wildly

The very magical Uchiha clan all thought they had seen through the life of a ninja, and everyone smiled very similarly.

Otsutsuki Ichiraku


The legendary ultimate boss of Naruto has always been secretly observing the protagonist. His strength is very terrifying. He never opens his eyes to hide his strength.

Akatsuki's law of death if you take off your clothes

Everyone in the Akatsuki, whose strength is comparable to that of a Kage, doesn't have a good ending. That's because they all took off their clothes. If you think about it carefully, did all the Akatsuki members take off their clothes before they died?